Terms and Conditions

We assume you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions


We require all customers to fill in an admission form for each guest with owner contact information, details of diet, grooming, medication and veterinary surgeon contact details.


The Furs Cat Hotel, is very happy to accept any breed and age of cat provided that:

  • The cat has a valid/current vaccination certificate
  • The cat is generally in good health and is able to walk and can use a litter tray
  • The cat does not have diabetes or any contagious illness
  • The cat has recently and effectively been treated for flea and worm eradication
  • Owners must advise The Furs at the time of booking or arrival of any relevant medical history


The Furs Cat Hotel is unable to provide veterinary insurance cover and therefore strongly suggests that each owner takes cover for their own cat. Those without pet insurance will be required to meet the costs of any veterinary treatment that becomes necessary during their stay. Owner with pet insurance are advised to check with their insurers that their cat is covered during their stay with us.


In the event that your cat becomes ill during his/her stay with us, we reserve the right to seek medical treatment from our designated vet even though we may not be able to obtain your approval before doing so. By signing this form, you agree to reimburse any costs we may incur in doing so.


The Furs Cat Hotel charges include:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Food (twice daily). This will be proprietary cat foods, either dry or wet. Kittens will be fed 3 times per day
  • Toys, scratching post and gentle grooming. Playtime and snuggles are included free of charge

The Furs Cat Hotel charges do not include:

  • Specialist grooming
  • Special foods
  • Veterinary charges


The Furs Cat Hotel will NOT release guests until full payment for their stay as been received

Current fees will be notified at the time of booking

In order to secure your booking, a deposit of 25% of the total charge must be made.

Payment of all accommodation fees should be made at check out

Payments can be by Debit/Credit card, cash or bank transfer

Fees are charged by the day to include the day of arrival and departure


Delivery or collection outside of the published times will incur an additional fee.

If a booking is made and your cat fails to arrive without notice of cancellation, you are liable to pay for the full period booked.

We reserve the right to rehome any cat(s) not collected within 7 days of the booked departure date if no there is no communication from you. We will make every possible effort to contact you.

If a cancellation of your booking occurs within 48 hours of the check in date, a payment equivalent to 3 days accommodation fees will become due.

Our minimum charge is for 3 days, including the day of arrival and departure.

Unless the circumstances are exceptional, we need 48 hours notice if you intend to shorten your cat’s stay with us.

If you collect your cat earlier than booked, we will charge for the total booked period.


Opening times are as published. Customers are asked to deliver and collect their cats during these times. Cats delivered or collected outside of normal opening hours MUST be by appointment

We are open from 10am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12pm. We are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or the 1stand 2ndof January.


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